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Car Rental Terms and Conditions

  • The driver must be at least 23 years old.
  • The driver must have a valid driver’s license that has issued at least one year ago.
  • All fines for which the drivers are guilty of themselves are paid exclusively from the tenant.
  • At the end of the agreed rental period, RELLAS RENTAL company provides a free 1-hour delay to return the car. In case of expiring this deadline, the tenant must pay at least the cost of a whole day rental car.
  • Upon receipt of the car, a contract is given stating the amount of fuel in the tank of the car. The tenant must return the rented car with the amount of fuel stated in the contract. In the case of returning the car with a smaller amount of the stated fuel, the tenant pays the cost of the running liters at current value at the time of the rent and additional 5 euro for refueling.
  • The use of a rented car is forbidden:
    • for the transfer of prohibited and dangerous merchandise and products;
    • for transferring passengers for financial gain;
    • for teaching others to drive, even free of charges;
    • for towing or moving other vehicle;
    • for causing an accident or mechanical damage;
    • for participating in sports events.
  • It’s forbidden to travel by car outside Greece or to board the car into a ship without the written consent of the lessor.
  • If it is found that the vehicle is unsuitable for use, the lessor carries out the replacement and undertakes the responsibility to provide a similar vehicle.
  • If the vehicle is damaged by a traffic accident and in case of theft or vandalism, the tenant undertakes to call immediately the Police, the owner and obtain a copy of the protocol written by the police.

Insurance C.D.W

The listed prices on the website include full insurance with the renter’s liability limitation of up to 300-1000 euro depending on the category of the car (FRANCHISE)

At the same time: no guarantee is required and there is no interference on your card

This insurance covers:
hird parts’ expenses from 1 euro to 1 million euro, even in the case you are guilty of an accident, broken windows and mirrors, theft (if you have the keys), fire, weather damages (subject to a written police report).

Insurance S.C.D.W

Also for an additional fee, you can order a car with full insurance and zero liability SCDW (no deductible)

The cost of additional fees depends on the class and duration of the lease.

Warning! Insurance will not cover you:

  • If you are not driving on an asphalt street
  • If the driver was not mentioned in the contract
  • If the damage/accident of the car was caused due to the use of alcohol, medicine or drugs
  • If there is damage to the interior of the vehicle in the following cases:
    • with smoking
    • damage from pets
    • due to misuse, excessive dirt
    • If the key is lost or damaged
    • If there are salty marks on the seats In case of any such damage, the tenant undertakes to pay for the damage
    In case of any such damage, the tenant undertakes to pay for the damage.

Also, the insurance does not apply:

  • On car wheels - in case of partial or full damage, the tenant undertakes to pay the cost of the damage.
  • At the bottom part of the car - our cars are intended only for use on common asphalt roads, where damage to the bottom is not possible.


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