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Transfer to Kavala and Keramoti

The northernmost island of the Aegean Sea, Thasos, is often called a green or emerald island because 90% of the territory is covered with trees and shrubs. The island has exotic and amazing clean beaches and sea, beautiful nature. The ruins of the ancient city turned Thasos into one of the most popular touristic destinations. The traditional activity of the local inhabitants of the island is beekeeping. A large number of apiaries were the result of the fact that pesticides are not used in Thasos. This, in turn, makes the healing coniferous-sea air of the island environmentally friendly. There are very few noisy discos and nightclubs in Thasos. Thus, Thasos is perfect for family and wellness recreation. The proximity to the mainland and the absence of the need to waste time on long hours of sea travel is another attractive feature of the island.. 

Ferries to Thasos Island depart from the ports of the two cities - Kavala and Keramoti. From Kavala, the ferry to the island takes about an hour and a half, from Keramoti - half an hour.

Rellas company offers transfers from Thessaloniki to Kavala and Keramoti. Before loading onto the ferry, you have the opportunity to see the famous sights of Kavala. The Medieval Aqueduct, the fortress of the 15th century, the home of the founder of the last Egyptian royal dynasty, Mehmet Ali, and other sights that attract many tourists.