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Transfer to Ouranoupoli for pilgrimage

The village of Ouranupolis is one of the most popular destinations of individual or group transfer. Clients choosing these areas are mainly pilgrims who travel to Virgin Mary’s place on earth, Mount Athos. 

The distance from Thessaloniki’s airport to Ouranoupoli is 125 km. More than half of this pathway is a mountainous terrain with sharp turns, descents and ascents. Considering the increased complexity of the serpentine road, transfer to Ouranupoli is always carried out by the same professional drivers. They are very well aware of literally every meter of the difficult route and treat their work with special responsibility.

The time of the trip from the airport to Ouranoupolis, takes about one and a half hour. Upon arrival, our drivers will be welcome to assist you. Τhey will show you the place of getting the special entrance visa to the monastic republic, called diamonitirion, as well as a cash desk for the purchase of ferry tickets. Moreover, taking advantage of our transfer services to Ouranoupoli, you can instruct us to book a ferry ticket or a speedboat taxi service.

At your request, we can drop in on the way to the monastery of St. Anastasia, or to the grave of the Elder Paisios of Mount Athos without additional charge.