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About RELLAS companycar rental and transfers

The company «RELLAS Rent a Car and Transfer» as founded in 2013 by the efforts of two partners and entrepreneurs with different profiles.

One of the company’s founders is a person that travels a lot and often uses and needs the services of various rental companies. His partner, on the opposite, is a man that has worked in the field of tourism and services for many years. Therefore, they have combined their experience as a seller and a consumer, and have developed the most favorable conditions for the customers.

In the first place we put our costumers’ safety, thus, except from relying on regular services from official delegates, our cars are additional checked by our own personal workshop.

In addition, we have the consequence as an important factor, so if our employee is late to deliver you a car at the specified time, we will compensate this inconvenience with an additional discount.

We are carefully studying the consumers’ requests, therefore, the company’s current goal is to adapt more automatic transmission cars.

We often conduct interesting quizzes on our website and company’s web pages in social media. If you answer the questions correctly, we provide you a rental car or a transfer, for free.

For our regular customers, there is a special discount system. There are, also, discounts for those who have booked a car before the expected rental date or 3 weeks earlier.

The direction and the staff of the company, thank you for your attention and your familiarity with our website. We will be glad to help you with our services!